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Promotion this month

Kim Natural Color , Teak wood , Sounds good 4,350 baht (Full of set)

Kim black , Local thai wood , Sounds good 3,250 baht (Full of set)

Jake Black , Jackfruit wood , Sounds good 6,800 baht (Full of set)

Jake Natural Color , Jackfruit wood , Sounds good 7,500 baht (Full of set)

Ranad eak , Sounds good 13,500 baht (Full of set)

Sor Doung , Pradoo Wood 1,750 baht (Full of set)

Sor Doung , Rosewood 2,750 baht (Full of set)

Sor Au , Pradoo Wood 1,850 baht (Full of set)

Sor Au , Rosewood 2,850 baht (Full of set)

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